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Questions from recent sessions


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29th March 2009

Henceforth all recent sessions will be posted in this link

Too much work editing this post every time a new session is done so I'll just upload all future quizzes to the above esnips folder

Quizzes from Sanskriti :


A general round
A visual round
A sports quiz

Connection round
A general round
Advertisement round
General quiz
Connection round
General round


General JU Science on 4/3/2009
JU Science Sports on 6/3/2009
JU FETSU Sports on 10/3/2009

Robin's Sessions :

A food round
A food theme
A dry round
A theme round
A theme round
A special round
A general quiz
A theme round
A pharma quiz
A general round
A theme round
A theme round
A theme round
A theme round
A theme round
A dry round
A sports quiz
General round on 18.8.2008
General round on 05.02.2009
General round on 26.02.2009

Sayantan's Sessions :

General round on 28.8.2008

Kunal's Sessions :

Business round on 4.9.2008
General rounds

Titash's Sessions :

General rounds
Sports round

Gairik's Sessions :

General rounds on 11.9.2008
Connection round
General round on 5.3.2009

Siddharth's Sessions :

General round

Shabbir's Sessions :

General round on 12.02.2009
General round on 5.3.2009

Panda's Sessions :

General round on 12.02.2009

Sarbajit's Sessions :

General round January 2009

Some more questions in another JU Quiz club blog started by Sena. Here is the link :

Sunday, August 24, 2008

About Enquiry

Enquiry was the brainchild of Paddyda & Subhoda who felt that the University needed it's own quiz club so that students could develop their wits and test themselves. They started out with a few students of their own Computer Science & Engineering Department in 2001 but the Enquiry we know today is not just the Jadavpur University quiz club; We have active members from many other colleges in Kolkata. Meetings are held every Thursday at 6 P.M. where every week one member conducts a full quiz. . Our seniors are in constant touch with the club, helping us out and often come along for the sessions if possible. Qriosity the annual quiz conducted by Enquiry has been improving every year since it's inception 6 years ago.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Qriosity results over the years

Qriosity 2k9

Biz Quiz :
1st : Team from IIM-C
2nd :Mixed team from JU & IIFT
3rd : Team from the Army Institute of Management

Sports Quiz :
1st : Mixed team of JU & CU
2nd : Mixed team of IIFT, Presidency &
3rd : Team from JU

General Open Quiz :


Qriosity 2k8

Qriosity 2K8 for the first time in the event's' history had two quizzes.

The Biz quiz was conducted by Sounakda.
The winners of the Biz quiz were :
1st-Gujju Mafia (Team from IIM-C)
And I am happy to inform that two teams from Enquiry finished 2nd & 3rd
2nd-Haplessly Hopeless Inc (Mix of IEM,IIFT & College of Ceramic Technology)
3rd-Potoldanga Thunder Club (Mix of JU & CU)

The General quiz was hosted by Joy Bhattacharjya and the winners were :
2nd-Gujju Mafia
3rd-Potoldanga Thunder club

Preyoshi Ganguly won the Miss. Intelligent prize in the Biz quiz whereas Vasudha Reddy walked away with the best Female Quizzer in the General Quiz although she was the best participant overall by far, including us poor guys. The "female" tag saving our blushes.

Results of all the Qriosity quizzes so far :

2008 :

Biz quiz :
Quizmaster - Sounakda
Winners-Gujju Mafia (Team from IIM-C)
Miss Intelligent - Preyoshi Ganguly
General quiz :
Quizmaster - Joy Bhattacharjya
Winners - NUJS
Best Female Quizzer - Vasudha Reddy

2007 :
Quizmaster - Sounakda
Winners - IIMC
Best Female Quizzer - Vasudha Reddy

2006 :
Quizmasters - Tintinda & Samantakda
Winners - Mixed team from JU Chemical Engg. & College of Ceramic Technology

2005 :
Quizmaster -G. Shrikanth
Winners - Paddyda,Suvagatada and sm1

2004 :
Quizmaster -
Winners -

2003 :
Quizmaster - Debkumar Mitra
Winners - Amit De, Debarghya Das & Anirudh Chari

Qriosty 2K8 Credits

Qriosity 2K8 in memory of Subhankar Nag held on the 23rd of August 2008 at the Triguna Sen Memorial Auditorium in Jadavpur University was a grand succes .

The event in memory of Subhoda would have been unimaginable without the backing of Subhoda's family and friends with whom lie our condolences for their loss. The loss has also been immense for the Quizzing community in general and in particular for us, the members of Enquiry; who deeply feel the absence of the man behind Enquiry and Qriosity.

The success of Qriosity 2K8 was the result of some real hard work put in firstly by Enquiry's lifetime "CEO" Kunalda and a few lesser mortals like myself (Robin), Siddhartha, Arpanda, Sarbajit, Anirban, Shabbir, Shubhrojyoti, Bag,Rajarshi, Proteek, Debarghya, Sudeshna and if there is anybody whose name i've forgotten to mention please forgive my ignorance.

The event would have been impossible without the support of our much-loved ex-students including Pushpolda, Senada, Basabda, Kartikda, Aritrada, Debratnada, Paddyda, Dhimanda, Swarnangshuda, Joydeepda, Debamitrada, PPTda, Tangoda, Jishnuda, Proshenda, Shatabdidi, Anindyada, Sharmiladi,Sayanda, Arijitda, Aritrada,Shantanuda, Arindamda, Shamantakda, Nitinda, Vijitda,Akashda, Suvagatada..... Tintinda (thanks for for your generous support each year) and of course Joyda who took time out of his busy schedule to come to Kolkata and host the general quiz.

No event is complete without the backing of sponsors and we received a generous helping from the people at Telegraph (Thank you Rishinda), Hindalco, The Chatterjee Group, Zapak gameplex, IMS, Linc, Radio Mirchi, Shoppers Stop and Radio JU.

We were guided all along by Dr. Bappa Mallik (Director of Youth Welfare Department) and Proloyda also provided his incessant inputs.

Both the quizzes were fantastic and needless to say the quizmasters Sounakda (Bizmania) & Joy Bhattacharjya (General) did an incredible job.

And last but not the least there would have been no event without all the students who turned up for the quizzes. This year we had 55 teams for the Biz quiz and 115 for the general which is the biggest in Qriosity's history. We had teams from IIT Kgp, BIT Mesra, NIT Dgp, NIT Jamshedpur, NIT Rourkella...etc..thanks to all of them for being a part of our event.

Qriosity 2K8 Poster

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