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Qriosity 2010 Report

Qriosity 2010 in memory of Subhankar Nag was completed on the 4th of September, 2010 at the Triguna Sen memorial auditorium at Jadavpur University. With three quizzes packed into a single day we were all wondering if we could pull off the event smoothly but our fears were laid to rest as every quiz was conducted in good time & there was even time for a photo session at the end of the day.

The day started with the Sports Quiz conducted by Titash who had flown down from Chennai specially for Qriosity. Around 30 teams sat for the prelims and most of the usual suspects made it to the stage. Notably the Lakshmipat Singhania Academy school team made it to the stage after a good show and even in the finals came up with some great answers. The video questions in particular were enjoyed by one and all which actually makes us sad because we had to discard a few more video questions because of the time constraint. The quiz was an even contest between three teams which was won by the "Potoldanga Thunder Club" & "No good" edged out "Quiz lovers of Kolkata" in a tiebreaker for second spot.

A little while later Sounakda took over for the Biz quiz. A few more teams showed up for this one including a lot of the corporate quizzing heavyweights. There was a funny moment during the prelims when Sounakda correctly predicted Goutamda's late arrival. The big teams were all present for the finals which got going with an interesting Crossword round. All the teams scored a lot of points in this round. Then the normal quiz started & ITC raced off to a good lead with some tremendous answers. TCS in second found it hard trying to keep pace with ITC and eventually finished second with Jayshridi, Goutamda & Tathada in third.

Then it was over to Joy da for the final event of the day, the General Quiz. The auditorium was packed when Joy da started asking the first question of the prelims. Thankfully this was one quiz I could participate in but we didn't fare too well, messing up a few answers and falling short off the cutoff. "Byapok Byatha" represented by Tathada, Atrida & Tintinda top scored in the prelims with a mammoth 22 on 25. Again most of the big names were there with three campus teams making it to the stage. Joy da was at his best cracking jokes and asking some delightful questions. From the word go "Answering Service" (Souvikda, Abuda & Sanjoyda) were locked in a tussle with "Hammer & Tongs" (Kinshukda, Jayshridi & Sounakda) for top spot & that's exactly how the quiz finished as well. "Hammer & Tongs" prevailed in the tiebreaker & "Byapok Byatha" finished third.

All three quizzes were conducted with panache and were well received, fantastic questions were asked and the teams also did Kolkata quizzing proud by coming up with some splendid answers.

We at Enquiry take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with Qriosity 2010 without whom the event could not have been imagined. A special mention must go to Subhoda's family who have always supported us through sun & rain and it was no different this year. Our seniors, sponsors, friends & everyone who took part in Qriosity deserve all the credit for the event's success. Hope to see you all next year.

Link to the pics of the event :

P.S : Really sorry about the quality of the pics. My camera was no good in the low light of the auditorium. Could not use a majority of the pics because of the poor lighting. Will use a better camera next year.

Some questions :

Q. Who was hired by Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi to act as a football coach for his son, Al-Saadi Qadhafi, who aspired to join an Italian football club ? As things turned out Al-Saadi ultimately did join an Italian team but was sacked after just one game when he failed a drug test.

Ans: Ben Johnson.

Q. The discovery of a circuit closer led to the disqualification of the winning team & the Great Britain team being given the gold medal in which event at the Montreal Olympics ?

Ans: The Modern Pentathlon
The circuit closer was used by Boris Onischenko of USSR in the epee fencing event

Q. This footballer, in his country’s squad for the 2010 world cup, holds the record of scoring thrice against Juventus in the Champion’s League for three different clubs. Why might this record be in contention for Ripley’s believe it or not ?

Ans: The player in question is Hans Joerg Butt a goalkeeper who takes penalties !!

Q. In 1936 Joe Gould was the Jewish manager for the then world heavyweight champion & he received a call from none other than Joseph Goebbels requesting a title bout between two men.

Gould : Well for openers I want 300000 dollars here before we get on the boat
Goebbels : Ya, you haf it.
Gould : And another hundred when we get to Berlin
Goebbels : Ya, you haf it.
Gould : And first class travel & accommodation for 6 people
Goebbels : Ya, you haf it.
Gould : And 25000 training expenses.
Goebbels : Ya, ya you will haf that also. If you come to Berlin right away we will sign the contract.
Gould took a deep breath : Only one more clause Mr. Goebbels.

What was this final clause that made Goebbels immediately hang up the phone and who were the two fighters being referred to here ?

Ans: Gould wanted Goebbels to release all the Jews from German concentration camps
The fight would have been between Champion James Braddock & Max Schmeling

Q. Duncan White was the first Olympic medallist for this country. Who won the country’s second Olympic medal 52 years later ?

Ans: Susanthika Jayasinghe

Q. Who was the last player to come back from two sets to love down in a grand slam final and win the title ? Incidentally he also became the first Grand slam winner ever to have lost the first set of the final 6-0.

Ans: Gaston Gaudio beat compatriot and favourite Guillermo Coria in the 2004 French Open final

Q. What was the “battle of the Carmens” at the Calgary winter Olympics ?

Ans: The two favorites, East German Katarina Witt & American Debi Thomas both used Bizet’s Carmen for their skating routines.
Witt won & Thomas was 3rd

Q. Connect : Maverick, Tomahawk, Sidewinder, Hawk, Sparrow, Patriot.

Ans: All Raytheon missiles

Q.“What I Know Is”
“Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”
“All Day I Dream About Sports”
“First on Race Day”
“But it’s not Google”

What term used to describe these phrases was coined in the November 1983 edition of the Washington Post ?

Ans: Backronyms

Q. Pritt owned by the Henkel group invented it in 1969. In India a certain brand has a whopping 90% of the market share. What is the product on our desks ?

Ans: Fevistik

Q. The highest two storied bridge in the world, 170 metres above ground level connects what ?

Ans: The Petronas Towers

Q. The website that provides internet ratings is named after what ?

Ans: The great library of Alexandria

Q. Which non-fiction authoress wrote about Frodo, Fifi & Greybeard ?

Ans: Jane Goodal.

Q. To cook what does one have to take a written test, an ID test and a taste test in which only around 30% pass ?

Ans: The Fugu or Pufferfish

Q. Which country now has the maximum number of tigers in the world ?

Ans: The USA where there are around 7000 captive tigers !!

Q. In the world of music what is the 27 club ?

Ans: Great musicians who have all died at 27 including Hendrix, Morrison, Janis Joplin & Kurt Cobain.

Q. In the Southern American states what were Sundown towns ?

Ans: Towns that blacks had to vacate by Sun down.

Q. Which is the only character that appears in all Terry Pratchett books ?

Ans: Death

Q. Scientists and academics sometimes celebrated February 12 with "Phylum Feast" events—a meal with foods from as many different phyla as they could manage, at least as early as 1972, 1974, and 1989 in Canada in honour of whom ?

Ans: Charles Darwin

Q. Which wildlife sanctuary was so named because it displaced 10 villages ?

Ans: Dachigam

Q. What are Janus words ?

Ans: Words with two opposite meanings like bolt, execute, inflammable, invaluable etc.

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