Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back after a long layoff

It's been a while since I last updated the blog and it was not because we were not having regular sessions. On the contrary the chief reason i could not update the blog and upload new sessions was because we were having too many sessions. During the Puja Hols i think we must have had at least 10 sessions in a month. I could not keep track of all the sessions and so stopped trying. In the meantime us Enquiry members have enjoyed plenty of great quizzes.

The Jadavpur University Inter Departmental Quiz in memory of Ranajay Karlekar was revived this year thanks to Tintin da's efforts. We were honoured to have Debkumar da & Joy da conducting the quiz which was both brilliant & very enjoyable at the same time. A team from Civil Engg (where yours truly played a small part) won the quiz followed closely by teams from English & Electrical Engg.

The Open quizzing circuit has seen some of our teams make it to the finals but without much luck. The College quizzing circuit has been a much happier hunting ground. We have had plenty of new members attending sessions regularly and 2 weeks back we broke the Enquiry session attendance record with 23 people turning up !

As I sign off, I hope this trend continues and more people view the world wearing "Quiz Goggles"

P.S. : You might be wondering about "Quiz Goggles". It's from one of Joy da's questions. It's the tendency to look at everything around us with the intention of framing questions for quizzes !!

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