Monday, February 8, 2010

Ranajay Karlekar Memorial, Jadavpur University Inter Departmental Quiz

On the 16th of January 2010, a day when people on the streets of Kolkata were talking of only one thing (the passing away of Jyoti Basu), I reached the venue for the Ranajay Karlekar Memorial Quiz, fearing the worst.

We had to come in early to set up the venue for Joy da & Debkumar da to conduct the quiz. The venue was locked and the four of us who had made the grave error of arriving on time thought for a while "Today's gonna be a no show".

But better late than never, people started coming in, the venue opened, we set up the place and the quizmasters arrived.

Around 20 teams registered for the quiz & 8 teams made it to the finals. The Department of History topped the prelims. There were 4 teams from English. Teams from Electrical, Civil & Economics completed the Top 8.

Electrical raced into an early lead, with teams from English, Eco & Civil following. But towards the end English & Civil picked up the pace & the quiz finished Civil 1st followed by English & Electrical.

Joyda & Debuda did a wonderful job. Here are some questions which i found interesting :

According to the Peter's principles if the ABCs of public speaking are Always Be Confident what are the XYZs of public speaking ?
Examine Your Zippers !!!!!

Who was Cuppola's original choice to play Godfather ? Mario Puzo

Whose election slogan was this : Na nar na nari, Indira ka pujari, Sanjay ka savari ? ND Tiwari

Where would you see a failed whale ? Twitter

In the 194os people from which profession began to call themselves Ecdisiasts a term used for snakes and other creatures who shed their skin ? Strippers !! Awesome question !

The inventor of an early form of the Lie-detector gave the idea for what in the world of comics ?
Wonder woman's Lasso of truth

Which useful product is made of hooks & lubes ? Velcro

What are chicken fillets ? Implants used in cosmetic surgery

Which place dropped the letter "L" from it's name when the pope visited ? Hollywood. Another great question, very workable & was glad to see this answered direct. Shows we have not lost the power of deducing stuff.

It was wonderful to see people sitting through the length of the quiz and plenty of our friends who did not actually take part, also came in to enjoy an excellent Quiz.

Hope next year's quiz is as good as this, if not better.

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