Monday, May 31, 2010

The DI Open 2010

Boss, Sarba, Panchu & me turned up for the DI Open this April in the middle of a raging storm which threatened postponement of the quiz. But thankfully people turned up in spite of the heavy shower and the quiz started with around 30 teams sitting for the prelims. We managed to qualify along with most of the big guns of Kolkata Open quizzing and the evergreen Mr. Neil O'Brien got things going.

We were very slow starting off and the fact that Mr. O'Brien actually didn't hear one of our correct answers didn't help in lifting our already fading hopes. We were getting bored and irritated but started getting some points in the middle stages and towards the end a few good answers saw us, the Potoldanga Thunder Club, finishing 4th which wasn't a bad result given our poor start.

The winners as they are so often in the Open circuit were either DI or Octate, I can't be sure.

Some questions:

Q) What medical condition would a "metabolically challenged" person be in ?
Ans: He would be dead

Q) In Ancient China what was the much sought after 3-inch Lotus ?
Ans: Small feet. They used to bind their feet so they would be small and around 3 inches.

Q) What is a tramp stamp ?
Ans: A lower back tattoo

Q) In which city are the Peace Lines ?
Ans: Belfast

Q) In an exchange if the Dutch got Surinam what did the Brits get ?
Ans: New York

Q) Tagline for which movie "His whole life was a million to one shot" ?
Ans: Rocky

Q) What are Trophy jeans ?
Ans: Souvenir Jeans which people once used to fit in

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