Monday, August 2, 2010

Qriosity 2010 work in progress

The date for Qriosity 2010 in memory of Subhankar Nag has been fixed on the 4th of September,2010. The venue is the same as before, the Triguna Sen memorial auditorium in Jadavpur University. There will be three quizzes all on the same day beginning with the Sports quiz at 10 AM followed by the Biz Quiz at 1 PM and the General quiz from 4 PM. The schedule as you must realize is very tight and so all the events will be conducted strictly on time. The Quizmasters for the General Quiz & Biz Quiz will be as usual Joy Bhattacharjya & Sounak Chakraborti respectively. The Sports Quiz will be probably conducted by Titash Banerjea provided he can find time off from work.

Have some good news for people not in campus anymore because this time round we are thinking of also making the Biz & Sports Quiz open events along with the General Quiz. We might even have a campus vs open affair on the stage where 4 open teams take on 4 campus teams.

Hoping to see all of you turn up for another brain-teasing edition of Qriosity.

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