Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Business Quiz at Army Institute of Management – 26th February

Fully armed with questions, Mr Gautam Ghosh made his way to the Army Institute of Management to host their Business Quiz on the 26th February. I must say I also had a ‘part’ to play in the content . Unfortunately during the prelims the teams felt like they were in a shooting gallery, and were ducking for cover. I had anticipated a large deal of quality participation, considering the publicity that the institute and I personally :D had done for the event, but alas it was more of mass rather than class. The cutoff for the prelims was a mind boggling 4 out of 20, with the top team , the usual suspects , Cramshankar and Abhishek Nagraj from IIM C topping by a whopping margin with 13 points. The other teams in the final were ISB&M, 2 teams from Army Institute of Management , a solo PHD student from IIM C and the team of the CEO himself and our very own ‘Brandman’ Gairik . .

Much to my relief the finals seemed a far easier battleground than the prelims, and most questions were answered. The team from Army Institute of Management, had raced to an early lead in a relatively easy warm up round. However in the end class prevailed. As the rounds progressed, CRAM and Nagraj established their dominance, and ended up with double the no.of points of the team in 2nd. CEO and Brandman put up a spirited effort to make up for the early deficit, but in the end Army Institute of Managament, led by Rishi edged out Enquiry’s sole representatives by 15 points for 2nd place.

One major positive for this quiz, was the audience. Rarely have I seen an audience stick around for a quiz finals, but here was the hall (though quite small) , filled to capacity.

It was great to see, the crowd cheer up the home teams and they didn’t disappoint.

Apart from the crack team led by Rishi, an all girls team from Army Institute of Management gave some nice answers and finished 4th.

Overall, a pretty decent quizzing experience for all concerned.

By Titash

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