Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tata Crucible 2010 Campus Edition Kolkata

Sunday 14th of March, 2010 when the city was abuzz in IPL fever the campus edition of Tata Crucible 2010 Kolkata round took place at the Taj Hotel like always.

The number of teams was nowhere close to the 300 of last year. This time it was around 100. The IPL game against Bangalore was a factor for the low attendance but as Giri correctly said it was also because there were easier options available to out station teams than Kolkata.

6 teams from Enquiry including 3 from JU, 1 from CU, 1 from IIFT & 1 from Presidency sat in the prelims. Apart from Panda n Central who missed out by half a point, all the rest of us made it to the semis.

From our semi St. Xaviers won & Boss from CU won the other semi beating the Dark Lord Kunalda & Sid from JU in a tiebreaker. And as CU won, in a dramatic moment fit for any Ekta Kapoor production, the Dark Lord rose up from his seat and applauded Boss !! Giri on seeing this, expressed his love for Kolkata and applauded the Lord for his show of sportsmanship !!

But there was yet more drama to unfold !!

As the 4 straight qualifiers were announced we got a shock. IIFT's name was announced !!
Another duo from IIFT had beaten Titash & Jaggi to the finals !!

But one of them, feeling sure they wouldn't make it, had by then reached the Eden Gardens !!

So they were disqualified & JU & IIT KGP who finished 2nd in our semi were called onstage for another tiebreaker.

Amazingly even IIT KGP had departed which left the very sporting combination of the Dark Lord & Sid Vicious to claim the vacant finals spot !!

The final started with a whole round on management gurus & theories where IIMC absolutely blasted away. They won the quiz in the first round itself wrapping up an already expected victory almost within the first round.

With some good answers CU finished 2nd ( which was what the quiz was for anyway !! ) & the sporting duo in a sporting attempt at gaining points finished last with a negative score !!

Some questions

Q) Which entity with the slogan "We make a different world" is one of the top recruiters from colleges in the USA ?

Ans : US Army

Q) Who designed the Tata logo ?

Ans : Wolf Olins

Q) In which "fruit" company had Forrest Gump invested money ?

Ans : Apple


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