Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Question OURS- The Business Quiz at IIFT

Due to the insurmountable amount of ‘lyadh’ prevailing amongst most quizzers who took part in this quiz, and the technical difficulties faced by our very own environment friendly mascot, am posting a review of the Business Quiz at IIFT held in 22nd February hosted by me !!!! Finally, a chance to gloat !!!!

With a view to forge a strong quizzing culture in IIFT Kolkata, the Kolkata wing of Quintessential- The Quiz club of IIFT was formed this year, and the 1st major event organized by Quintessential, Question OURS , the Inter College Business Quiz happened this Monday at the IIFT Kolkata campus. The quiz tested out the mettle of some of the quizzing brains in Kolkata, in some grueling rounds of Business Quizzing. Participants came from some of the best colleges in Kolkata- IIM C, Jadavpur University and Presidency College. Some of the other B-schools in Kolkata also participated, Army Institute of Management, ISB&M, Praxis Business School and MSIT.

First there was a written preliminary round from which 6 teams, qualified for the final. The finals featured teams from IIM C, Jadavpur University, Presidency College and IIFT Kolkata. The team from IIM C, C Ramshankar and Shobhit Bhatnagar who are incidentally also the reigning Tata Crucibles and BT Acumen national champions dominated the quiz from start to finish and won by a large margin. There was a however a very tight battle for 2nd place, with two teams from Jadavpur University and Presidency College fighting tooth and nail. Finally it was the team of Sumantrasarathi Dutta aka Central and Kunal Mandal aka The CEO, the Concept yada yada yada from Presidency College and Jadavpur University respectively who came 2nd. The winners walked away with a beautiful trophy and cash prizes.

The event was truly one to remember for IIFT, especially from the point of view of quality of participation. The questions which covered the whole gamut of the business world, from IT to FMCG to Business Strategy had both the participants and the audience gripped for the 3 hrs of this quizzing gala. The event was widely appreciated by all the participants who came from various colleges and it was a common sentiment echoed by all of them, that IIFT Kolkata should have more such event s in the near future.

Some questions :-

1.Which word often used in finance and in daily parlance comes from the modern French word meaning "money box" ?


2)This word meant weight in Spanish. It was a name given to ‘The real de a ocho’ which was known in Europe as a thaler. It had a legal weight of 27.468 g . What am I talking about?

Ans)Peso Coin

3)“------------" is also part of a title referring to a minor character from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. -------- is a reference to

10 ^(10^100).

What is ------------- ?


4)The word is derived from the Latin bursa. The oldest known of these was found with Ötzi the Iceman who lived around 3,300 BCE. Another early example is on Egyptian hieroglyphs, which show pouches worn around the waist. The next appearance is in 14th century Europe. What are we talking about?


5)The T2000, the Dunlop Max200G and the Prince “Original” Graphite are all types of what?

Ans)Tennis Racquets

By Titash

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