Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Business Quiz ‘Comprehending Wall Street’ at Kalyani Government Engineering College, 27th February

‘Every dog has his day’ and our very own Kutta, Alekhya Chakraborty from IMT G and formerly of KGEC has been having quite a few big days recently. Seems like the quizzers from the North and all over the country have really felt the bite of this Royal Bengal Daschund , what with his national championship victories in DARE 2010 and the AIMA quiz . So, salivating at the prospect of a quiz organized at the former kennel of this Big Dog of Quizzing (knowing the fact that Alekhya had set bulk of the questions and the other quiz happening in Kolkata was well…in plain words a lump of hair) our CEO, Kunal and I set rail for Kalyani on a warm February morning. Incidentally I had partied till 4 am that morning, so it takes a seriously crazy quizzard to get up for a quiz at Kalyani in 4 hrs time. After a two hour rail journey we arrived at Kalyani railway station, only to learn that the college was 30 hrs away. Of course we know when the CEO is around ‘Chaap nei’, so we took a rickshaw . Our journey was like a throwback to Pather Panchali, the village fields, cows grazing , trains coming and going. Finally, we arrived at our destination .

Expectedly , considering the distance very few outstation teams had turned up. In fact there was only one, apart from us, a mixed team from Xaviers and RCC . However, what the quiz lacked in quality of participation was made up by quality of questions. The prelims had some very nice questions, although it was made slightly easier for the teams with options being provided for 20 of the 30 questions. I wouldn’t blame the organizers, though considering the level of participation. The finals were on stage, which I must say was wonderfully arranged. The whole set up looked very professional, and considering the fact that the quiz was primarily organized by 1st years, it was a commendable effort. The 1st round had some good dry questions, which seemed to be made by Alekhya. 2nd round onwards of course , there were some typical run of the mill biz quizzing rounds, like taglines and logos, the 1st of which both me and kunal are horrible at. There were also a rapid fire round which had some inordinately tough questions, very few of which could be answered. Interspersed in between were however, some good dry and visual rounds + a connection round which had some excellent questions. In the end there was a round sent by Alekhya which was meant to be a theme round, but was misread by the organizers as a normal round. It gave me quite a kick to actually figure out that it was a theme round, and tell the organizers the errors of their ways afterwards :D, pardon my narcissim. Expectedly Kunal and I won by a comfortable margin, with one of the four home teams coming 2nd. I must say of course, we were having a few nervous moments when the taglines and the rapid fire rounds were going on.

I must make a point here to appreciate young Sachin of KGEC, 1st year who did a superb job hosting the quiz. One of the teams had raised an objection to one of the answers, and the way he diffused the whole situation was praiseworthy. I have seen many quizzes in engineering colleges hosted by students, and I think he stood out for his confidence and poise.

Overall, the quiz lived up to expectations, and the Big Dog would be happy that his little puppies managed to pull off a creditable and show and effort in ‘Comprehending Wall Street’ (The name of the quiz)

Question of the Quiz

  1. What brand of tea was launched by the Times Group in the 1980’s only to be shelved due to lack of success ?

    Ans) Editor’s choice

    By Titash

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