Friday, March 26, 2010

Sanskriti 2010 Sports & General quizzes

Since I was one of the quizmasters of the Sanskriti 2010 quizzes this is more a report than a review.

Myself & Sid conducted the usual 2 quizzes (Sports & General) for Sanskriti 2010 in early March this year.

The sports quiz scheduled first saw just 6 teams turning up at first so we used the prelims questions as a written round for all 6 teams. Unfortunately after this round a lot of teams turned up. So we had no choice but to scrap this round & prepare another prelim in 10 minutes!

Not sure how many teams exactly took part but the Vivekanada Hall was completely full. The Hall by the way, was a great place to host small quizzes as the arrangements for sound & projection were top notch.

8 teams qualified from the hurriedly prepared prelims. In the finals there was no stopping Sarba, Panda & Titash as they won comfortably.

An hour later we had the prelims for the General Quiz.

Again 8 teams mostly from Enquiry qualified. This quiz was a lot closer than the sports quiz with Debanjan, Jishu & Arindam winning. In the long visual theme round they got a whopping 19 out of 20 individual identifications correct!

Here are some questions :

Q) In celebration of this sportsperson’s record-breaking feat, ADIDAS launched a range of equipments called the TT-10 series.Identify the person

Ans: Taeke Taekama

Q) The 1984 NBA draft had prospects like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and John Stockton. However the number one draft was some one else.Who??

Ans: The "Dream", Hakeem Olajuwon

Q) Buildings, Antennas, Spans of bridges & Earth structures like mountains & cliffs are the four possible starting points for what ?

Ans: BASE Jumpers. BASE is an acronym of Buildings, Antennas, Spans & Earth.

Q) The bird was intended to be an eagle but is now officially recognized as a cormorant although the bird shows the short head and curved beak more readily associated with a bird of prey.
What’s the bird?

Ans: The Liver bird in the Liverpool crest.

Q) Connect : Costa Rica vs Czechoslovakia 1990 with Germany vs Saudi Arabia 2002.

Ans: Headed hat-tricks from Tomas Skuravy in 1990 & Klose in 2002

Q) Among the major cities of India what sporting feature connects the cities of Delhi, Kochi, Pune, Margao, Shillong, Guwahati, Indore & Chennai ?

Ans: Nehru Stadiums.

Q) Who received US$ 9,700 from five lawyers to purchase new equipment after his old one, supposedly held together by duct tape and screws, broke during training in November 2009 ?

Ans: Shiv Keshavan.

Q) Ray McCauley is a former Mr. South Africa who also took part in the Mr. Universe competition in 1974 finishing 3rd. Tell me why he features in this round on Sports & Religion ?

Ans: He turned to God after finishing his bodybuilding career & became a pastor. And it was to him that Hansie Cronje first confessed. Great crack by Soumarup!

Q) Faisal II, the last king of the Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq was the inspiration for what?

Ans: Abdullah in Tintin

Q) The name of a village in Devon, inspired from the novel “Westward Ho!”, is the only place name of it’s kind in the British Isles in what way ?

Ans: It is the only village name that contains an exclamation mark! The answer was there in the question!

Q) Which people had a script that moved from left to right diagonally?

Ans: The Liliputans

Q) During WW2, men in the combat arm of the SS had something tattooed on the underside of the left arm, usually near the armpit. There were only 4 variations of this tattoo.
What was tattooed on them ?

Ans: Their blood groups.

Q) When the charge of bigamy was raised against X, Czar Alexander responded by saying, “X has two wives, yes, but I have only one X.”
Who is X?

Ans: Mendeleev

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