Monday, February 8, 2010

The 25th Inter University Youth Fest Quiz 2010 at Rohtak

A team of 6 participants in quizzing, debating, music & poster making, set out from JU for the National Finals of the Inter University Youth Fest 2010 at Rohtak. The Maharshi Dayanand University, soon to be the site for the IIM-Rohtak complex hosted this year's event and did a fantastic job.

The Quiz was slated on the 4th of February 2010 and Sid, Kunalda & myself were not expecting much after having witnessed the level of the East Zone round of the Quiz just a month back in Manipur.

So we were pleasantly surprised when the Quizmaster Mr. Shirodkar announced the rules of the Quiz & the very mention of Infinite Bounce & a Theme lifted our spirits. The QM in a very dignified manner conducted a marvellous quiz. In the early stages Bombay University & us were going neck & neck with good answers coming from both of us. Benaras Hindu University were a little way behind in 3rd. In the middle part of the quiz we got into the lead after cracking the theme early & were looking good. But towards the end we messed up a few questions & the luck of the draw saw both Bombay University & BHU pulling clear.

The last round was the speed round & we were out of it by then but were still comfortably 3rd. All 3 teams did well in the speed round after which Bombay University finished 1st, BHU 2nd & JU 3rd.

The quiz was very enjoyable and even more so because we were not expecting it to be done so well. Here are some questions :

Q Why did the USA change the codename of their Iraqi opearations from Operation Iraqi Liberation to Operation Iraqi Freedom in a last second decision ?
Because the acronym for Opearation Iraqi Liberation was OIL !!

Q In the days of the highwaymen in England, robbers on horseback would stop carriages and say ".............................., your money or your life." Complete the blanks to form a 3 word phrase often used by commentatos of a certain sport.
Stand & Deliver

Q They were mercenaries working without pay for the Marathas comprising hindus, muslims & sikhs who were allowed to loot from the enemies of the Marathas. Who ?
Pindaris who featured in the horrible movie Veer !!

Q Hanuman couldnot understand the Bhagvad Geeta although he heard it all from the top of Arjun's chariot. What practice followed especially in primary schools of rural India arose out of this ?
The Guru sitting at a higher ground than the students or Upanishad which means at the feet of the master.

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