Saturday, February 20, 2010

Science Sanskriti General Quiz 2010

The Science Faculty Sanskriti General Quiz was held on the 19th of February, 2010 and hosted by Gautam Ghosh. In the previous 2 editions I had been the quiz master so for a change I participated.

Despite being a General Quiz, around 18 of the prelims 25 questions were Biz. Anyway, 5 teams from Enquiry & 1 team from JUDE made it to the stage and within a span of 10 minutes, we were wishing we hadn't qualified. The quiz started with a barrage of questions about NRIs & Indian CEOs & hardcore Biz Trivia and in the middle of these questions there were some absolute sitters. The questions in the latter half of the quiz were a lot better, although most of them were old chestnuts. But I would much rather someone ask old chestnuts than a history of CEOs.

Me, Boss & Sarba tied with Titas, Sid & Panda for first. There were 3 teams tied for 3rd and Shabbir, Neil & Sumantra, on a wretched afternoon, managed a duck !!! I encourage the readers of this blog, to please pull their legs about this. It's not everyday that a team scores a duck !! But to be fair to them they did get some stinkers, most of the dreaded CEO stuff !!

Unfortunately, the one man, who would have lapped up the CEO stuff like a wolf, our very own CEO Kunalda, gave this quiz a miss.

Some of the better questions :

Q Who were the first 2 scientists to translate Einstein's Theory of Relativity into English ?
Ans : SN Bose & Meghnad Saha

Q Which brand gets it's name from Arabic for hot spring ?
Ans : Hamam

And the question that almost made Boss walk out of the quiz

Q What were the names of the 2 business families in the movie Corporate ?
I won't even bother with the answer

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