Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kshitij 2010 Biz Quiz

On 3oth January 2010 me, Boss, Kunalda & Titashda went back to IIT-KGP a week after Springfest for the Biz quiz at Kshitij to be conducted by Arul Mani.

We qualified from the prelims which saw close to 40 teams taking part. It was a pretty short quiz with 2 short written rounds, 1 theme & around 2 passing rounds of 8 questions each. IIT-KGP went into an early lead with us breathing down their necks. And that's how it finished. A mere 5 points between us & IIT who won the quiz.

The questions were framed nicely & very workable. A couple of rounds more would have been nice.

Some of the questions :

Q The fact that outside businesses in the UK are doing so much better than home businesses is being referred to as what by the British media ?
Wimbledon effect

Q Connect Lucent, Apple, Lays, Vodafone, Pepsi etc.
All of their logos have been criticised by the church for having satanic interpretations

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