Monday, February 8, 2010

Carpedium 2010 Football & General Quiz

Carpedium 2010 saw the introduction of a Football quiz for the first time and all of us Football buffs flocked to IIM-C on the 7th of January 2010 for the quiz to be conducted by Kaushik Saha.

The prelims saw around 20 teams with 8 making it to the stage. Kaushik asked some great questions most of which were answered. The level of knowledge of all the teams was extra-ordinary. The theme was also well thought out but it would have been very difficult to answer if asked a few months later. Gaurav's team won the quiz with me,Boss & Sarba finishing 2nd. And it was no surprise seeing Sid, who had been finishing 3rd in every quiz since last year, finish 3rd again with Panda & Gairik.

After a couple of hours it was time for the General Quiz conducted by an IIM-C student. The quiz was alright with some nice questions but it was a trifle too long & it had 3 written themes which were quite tedious. Teams from IIM finished 1st & 2nd with us tying for 3rd with Panda, Rahul & Prashnik.

Here are some of the questions i found interesting :

Q What was a schoolteacher called Humberto Munoz Castre's "Contribution" to football ?
He killed Escobar

Q Which team has the record of the biggest win, 6-0, in a FA cup final ?
Bury FC

Q Connect
Participants at the FIFI WC, The FIFI Wild Cup is the Alternative World Cup of Association football run by FIFI (Federation of International Football Independents).

Q Connect Saeed Owairan with Gheorge Hagi.
Maradona. Owairan was called Maradona of the Arabs & Hagi Maradona of the Carpathians.

Q After WW2 the Deutsche Schaferhund was renamed as what because of anti-German sentiments prevailing at the time ?

Q Which is the 1st mass produced electric vehicle with dimensions of 6 feet by 8 feet ?
The golf cart

Q What sobriquet was coined by Jyoti Prasad an Assamese journalist during the time of the Bangladesh war of 1972 ?
Seven sisters

Q Why was this movie poster withdrawn in December 2009 ?
After the death of Brittany Murphy

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