Saturday, February 27, 2010

Business Incubaiter- The Business Quiz organized by Praxis Business School

It is a well known fact that enquiry members would go to any lengths and travel through any road for a good quiz. This was no more in evidence than when three quizzing gypsies , , Panda, Boss and I along with Jagadish from IIFT, made the long trip to Praxis for their Business Quiz on the 10th of February. Now, where this place exactly was no one knew. After asking countless people , as we made our way through the roads, then the galis and finally the jungles in Panda’s car (observing the golden rules carefully) , we finally arrived at our Quizzing Oasis. The quiz was hosted by none other than Charanpreet Singh, the director of Praxis and a quizzer and quizmaster of high repute in his own right.

The quiz was well attended, if not in terms of quantity but surely in terms of quality. After a prelims were the 1st 2 teams had abnormally high scores, and the next 4 were all bunched together , the finals line up stood as :- 2 IIM C teams, Asansol Engineering College, IIFT Kolkata (Myself and Jagdish), Army Institute of Management and Calcutta University , represented by our very own Panda and Boss. I must say the quality of questions in both the finals and the prelims were excellent. Most of the questions were highly workable, and very few (if any) had obscure answers. It was a bit of a throwback to the old days, where most of the questions were on paper, and the slides just showed Question 1, Question 2 . Of course, I must say it was quite lackadaisical of the quizmaster not to make a complete ppt, but that’s again a very personal opinion. Despite the high quality of questions, there were was one thing I didn’t find too appealing, and that was an overdose of audio questions. Most of them were somebody reading out a management book, and people were asked to identify the author or the book which made it monotonous. Of course, this was only a small blight on what was a wonderful quiz.

After a highly competitive final, Asansol Engineering College emerged the surprise winners with the 2nd team from IIM C finishing a close second. Boss and Panda kept the enquiry flag flying high with a fine performance in 3rd place. The highly fancied team of IIM C involving CRamshankar finished 4th and urs truly’s team and Army Inst brought up the rear.

Overall , one of the best business quizzes I have attended.

Some of the good questions:-

  1. In the IPO filing for Google, in 2004, rather than a typical round-number amount of money, the company announced its intention to raise $2,718,281,828 shares. What was the significance of this?

Ans. The value of e

  1. Which company named after something you might find in a farm was so named, because the founder wanted it to be before of his previous employer in the dictionary

Ans. Apple

By Titash

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