Monday, February 8, 2010

BESU Shibpur General Quiz

Me, Kunalda & Sid were returning from Rohtak after having secured 3rd place in the Quiz at the 25th National Inter University Youth Fest. We arrived at Howrah & immediately hailed a cab to BESU Shibpur where Vijayanand Menon would be conducting a general quiz shortly.

The prelims saw close to 40 teams taking part from which 2 teams each from BESU & JU along with teams from CU & Xaviers made it to the finals. Menon hosted a fabulous quiz. CU ran off to an insurmountable lead with Xaviers quite a way behind in 2nd. Then came the 12 question theme round. The theme in particular was wonderfully conceived although my Xaverian friends might beg to differ. They lost a lot of points because they cracked the theme late & thus finished 4th. The 2 JU teams finished 2nd & 3rd & were separated by a margin of just 2.5 points !

Some questions from the quiz :

Q In 2004 which domain name used for receiving fan-email did relinquish ?

Q Connect Tarryn Page, Stacey Rethman, Rea Rangaka, Anushka Life and Yolande Breedt.
Some of the actors playing the Vodafone Zoozoos

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