Saturday, February 27, 2010

Love All- The Sports Quiz

With the general quiz supposed to be hosted by Jayasree Mohanka and Souvik Guha being postponed for the umpteenth time, it was a pleasant surprise for all us sports buffs to know that it would be replaced by a sports quiz hosted by Biswabijay Sen on the same day, 21st February.

It was a sports quiz with a difference. A quiz for the sports followers, not the sports readers. There were very few dry questions, and the prelims too were filled with videos and visuals. After a prelims where the scores were abnormally low for an open sports quiz, 6 teams were announced for the final, and there were some surprises in store, particularly with few of the major forces in open sports quizzing of the last 5 years missing out. There was however some controversy, and mystery surrounding one team which had apparently qualified for the finals. They made a dubious but inconspicuous exit, and were to be replaced by one of the doyens of sports quizzing, but as luck would have it they too had departed , thinking that they had not qualified. The lucky ones to benefit from all this confusion were a team called the Sharpshooters, featuring our very own enquiry member Sumantra aka Central.

And did they take advantage of their luck !!! The sharpshooters put in a really sharp display and came 2nd , behind the obvious favourites Deepanjan, Souvik Guha and Sounak. In a good day for enquiry a team of Panda, Niranka and I managed to get 3rd place on the last question. There were no prizes for 3rd place or else I would have put a poster of Gigi Fernandez in my living room from now on.

Summing up the quiz, I would say the questions did leave something to be desired. It was a bit monotonous at times, since almost all the questions were straight visual identifications. AV’s are always welcome in any quiz, particularly when it comes to sports, but the questions could have been framed in a more interesting manner, I believe.

Some of the questions I can remember:-

  1. In 2003, in a match against South Africa Brian Lara scored 196, and was the last man to be dismissed . He missed out on a double century because of something which happened in 2000. What? (This was accompanied by a video clip)

Ans. In 2000, there was a major rule change in cricket:- Earlier if a batsman hit a ball, and then it hit the helmet , 5 runs were awarded to the batsman, but 2000 onwards the runs were awarded as penalty runs to the team. Brian Lara had hit a ball which hit the helmet, so before 2000 he could have scored a double century, but alas that was not to be.

  1. Which Indian won the Arjuna award in 2000 and the Dronacharya award in 2009?
Ans. Puella Gopichand

By Titash

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