Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sanskriti Arts General Quiz

Boss & Sid conducted the Sankriti Arts General Quiz on 12th February 2010. They did a good job & it was also great to see a projector at a Sanskriti Quiz. Quizzing at the OAT with teams crowding around the laptop is troublesome, so it was nice to see the Quiz in an indoor auditorium.

Around 15 teams sat in for the prelims & 8 made it to the finals. Almost all of us in the finals were from Enquiry & so the quiz was like a quiz club session. We enjoyed ourselves haggling & bullying the QMs every question !!!

Questions from both Boss & Sid were excellent though Sid did get some flak for Chariots of fire ! The Weasley family theme was good fun.

We won the quiz with Titas & Co in second. Sumantra's team was third.

Some questions :

Q. The British Overseas Airways Corporation introduced a new technology in May 1952 which also gave rise to which phrase in the English language ? Jet set



Sumantrasarathi said...
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Sumantrasarathi said...

Amra 3rd hoyechilam actually.